I know we are new to the Madsand family but I want you to know that you do a great job with customer interactions through your emails and newsletters. We started to notice the effort you put into your coaching during tournaments earlier this year. While we were not customers of Madsand at that time, it did not go unnoticed by us and other families. Quite frankly, that’s what made us choose Madsand over the other clubs in North Texas. Clearly we don’t object to driving distances for the right club, so you were the difference in our choice. It just goes to show that great customer service makes a big difference when you think no one is watching.
— Joe A.
If kids don’t learn to love the game they’re playing, it won’t matter how much time or effort or money goes into it. Will is teaching kids to love the game of volleyball. That’s priceless.
— William O.
We are so grateful to have been introduced to Will at MadSand. He is such a talented coach and has given my daughter a great love and appreciation for beach volleyball that will serve her well for years to come. My daughter is also a stronger and more confident player indoor thanks to Will’s program.
— Jennifer J.
This was our 1st season of sand volleyball and Will’s coaching style immediately had my daughter hooked on sand volleyball. Will has taught her so much in such a short time. Training with Will has helped with my daughter’s passing fundamentals tremendously!
— Marnie W.
Thanks Madsand and Will for an amazing training experience. My daughter loves your program and training. Thanks for everything you are doing Will!!
— Jennifer P.
I am so thankful that I stopped to say hi to Sandy Miller as we were leaving an indoor practice. She said that her daughter loved sand and that we should try it out. I’m so glad we did. Will has created a fun learning environment while always challenging the players. We look forward to many years of sand with Will and Madsand!!!
— Jennifer F.
My 12-year-old daughter is hooked! Five stars for MadSand and Coach Will! Whether you are just starting in the sport, like my daughter did this summer or an intermediate player looking to sharpen skills, MadSand is an excellent way to do so. Coach Will is incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging and has also helped my daughter improve her indoor skills along with her overall confidence in her sand game. It’s a winning combination when you are teaching kids to both learn and love a sport. I really like the way that Coach Will has packaged the foundational drills of the game along with the game-based aspects.
— John S.
Will has created a sand program that is top notch in the area. He shares his knowledge with the players while encouraging, challenging and shaping their game to be high level players. This has been the best volleyball experience and am thrilled to see what lies ahead of us for my daughter.
— Keri B.